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How do I pay with Android Pay™?

In store

To pay with Android Pay in stores, just wake the device and hold it against the contactless payment terminal.

  • You may need to unlock for some transactions (for example when transactions exceed €30)
  • The first card added to Android Pay will be the default card
  • Payments will be made from your default card. You can change this at any time by selecting the alternative card and tapping 'Set as default card'
  1. Wake up your device. There is no need to open the app
  2. Hold the back of your device against the contactless payment terminal
  3. For transactions over €30, your phone may prompt you for additional verification
  4. Hold your device near the contactless terminal and follow the on screen instructions
  5. Your phone will beep and/or vibrate indicating that your payment has been made

In app

You can pay in any app where you see the 'Buy with Android Pay' button. A list of participating apps can be found on Android Pays website (opens in a new window)

Select 'Buy with Android Pay' and your payment will be processed quickly and securely (additional verification may be required).

For 'in app' transactions, the default Android Pay card will be displayed on the initial purchase. You can choose a different card which will then become the main card for payments within that app. This could be different from the default card used for 'in store' transactions.

To keep you secure:

  • Retailers may limit the value for Android Pay transactions
  • You may be prompted to enter your device screen unlock for some transactions
  • Ulster Bank may restrict the value and number of Android Pay transactions that can be made