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My card-reader is displaying 'LAST PIN TRY', what does this mean?

If the card-reader displays the message 'LAST PIN TRY' it means the PIN for the card has been entered incorrectly twice. You now only have one attempt left before the PIN is locked for use with the card-reader. Make sure you're using the PIN for the card you have put into the card-reader and try again.

Should your card become locked after your last PIN attempt follow the steps below:

  • Debit card - visit any of our cash machines and select 'PIN Services' then the 'PIN Unlock' option.
  • Anytime Internet Banking card  - you will need to contact our Anytime Internet Banking helpdesk.

A PIN re-advice can be ordered by chatting to Cora your digital assistant or at a branch, provided you are registered for the service.

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