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What should I do if my Apple device is lost or stolen?

With Apple Pay, you authorise each purchase with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode. Your card number and identity aren't shared with the retailer, and your actual card numbers aren't stored on your device or on Apple servers. These features help prevent other people from using Apple Pay on your mobile device when it is lost or stolen.

There are four key steps we recommend you take if your device has been lost or stolen:

  • Log into iCloud and use Find My to track down the location of your device quickly. You can play a loud tone or send alerts. To suspend any cards registered for Apple Pay on the device, set your device to lost mode, or you can choose to erase the device completely.
    You can also call our dedicated Apple Pay Support Team to suspend or remove your cards from Apple Pay.
  • Let us know as quickly as you can, so we can suspend your Mobile Banking App. You’ll still be able to manage your money via Anytime Internet Banking.
  • If you have lost a phone, let your network provider know. They can then block your SIM so the phone can’t be used.
  • Finally, if you believe your device has been stolen, contact the police and request a crime reference number to help you claim with your insurance company.

Taking these steps means that no further transactions can take place using Apple Pay, but you will still be able to use your debit cards and credit cards as usual in shops, online and at cash machines.

We take security very seriously and, provided you take appropriate care, we'll offer you the same protection against fraud when you use Apple Pay, as we do for your debit and credit cards.

Digital Wallet support (Apple Pay/Android Pay)
You can now activate your Apple Pay or Google pay by contacting us via our digital teams.

You can do this by opening Your Ulster Bank mobile app and selecting "Help" on the bottom menu and then "Message us".

Or alternatively you contact us by visiting Apple Pay (opens in a new window) or Google Pay (opens in a new window) on your mobile browser and selecting to contact us in your preferred method.

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