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Direct Debit contact details

How to find your Direct Debit information

You can find a list of your Direct Debits on your Ulster Bank mobile app or in Anytime Banking. If you do not bank online the Direct Debit details will be listed within the transaction sections of your bank statements. If you need further support finding this information please contact our dedicated service team on 0818210260, or alternatively visit your local branch.

Direct Debit originators: Company contact list

To assist you with this process we have summarised for reference a list of the most common companies / organisations you may need to contact with your new account details.

Direct Debit originators contact list

What is an OIN and/or Credit Identifier?

An OIN (Originator Identifier Number) can also be called a Creditor Identifier is a unique reference for organisations collecting payments by SEPA Direct Debit. It must be included in each SEPA Direct Debit collection and allows the payer and the payer’s bank to

1) Verify each SEPA Direct Debit

2) Request refunds or make complaints

3) Check the existence of a mandate when a payment is requested.

Options for moving your account

There are two ways you can move your account to a new provider. In both options below, you will need to open a new current account with a new account provider. Most providers will allow you to open an account either online, over the phone or face-to-face.

Option A: Switch yourself

  • Identify and contact those making regular payments into your account, such as your salary, pension, or social welfare and provide them with your new account details.
  • You will also need to make a list of companies who are authorised to debit your account e.g. Direct Debits or regular payments and inform them of your new current account details.
  • If you have standing orders set-up on your account, they will be cancelled as part of the account closure process and you will need to set them up again on your new account.
  • Leave sufficient funds in your Ulster Bank account to cover any outstanding charges or interest due on your account. Ensure that any overdrawn balance is repaid and all written cheques have been cleared before instructing your account to be closed.

Option B: Switch your current account through your new provider

  • *Switching* is a process to assist you to switch your current account to another provider. To start the switching process, get in touch with your new account provider and complete a switcher pack.
  • Your new provider will contact us to start the switch and we will provide them with a list of your standing orders and Direct Debits (a copy will also be sent to you). Ulster Bank will inform your Direct Debit originators located within the Republic of Ireland of your new account details for you. You will need to contact Direct Debit originators outside of the Republic of Ireland and arrange to transfer these Direct Debit(s) to your new account.

Switcher code info & switching tips

Ulster Bank complies with the Central Bank of Ireland Code of Conduct on the Switching of Payment Accounts with Payment Service Providers 2016. Payment Accounts are accounts where you can lodge funds, withdraw cash and make and receive payment transactions, including credit transfers, to and from a third party. For the purposes of account switching, the code applies to current accounts with Ulster Bank.

In order to switch an account, you must open an account and complete a switcher pack with your new account provider. To complete the switching of your account, your "old bank" (Ulster Bank) will provide your new account provider with information on your standing orders and Direct Debits. As soon as your new account provider sends a signed Account Transfer Form to Ulster Bank the switching process begins and Ulster Bank must ensure that all steps are taken to facilitate moving your account within 7 working days of the switching date. The new account provider must ensure that all steps are taken to open your new account within 10 working days of the switching date. The switch date is the date agreed between you and your new account provider for the switcher date.

Switching Tips

  • You will find the company / organisation contact information and your service account details on your most recent bill or correspondence from them. It is recommended that you use the information from this source in the first instance. When updating your new account details with your Direct debit originators you will need to have your new current account information to hand.
  • If you need your next Direct Debit payment to be paid from your new current account it is recommended that the switch notification is provided to the company / organisation at least 14 days in advance of the monthly Direct Debit date. This notice period timeline may vary across companies / organisations.
  • If you are *switching your account through your new provider, it is recommended that you also contact your Direct Debit originators located within the Republic of Ireland with your new account number to ensure that your account details are changed on time.

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