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How do I opt-out of the Cross-Border Payments SMS messages?

You can manage your SMS notifications via the Mobile App & Anytime Internet Banking website by following the steps below:

Mobile App

  1. Go into the Mobile app
  2. Click on your profile at the top right
  3. Click on Notification centre
  4. Click on Notification settings
  5. Click which account you choose to amend the alert on i.e. Debit card, Credit card, Savings etc
  6. Choose Currency Conversion charges
  7. Select to switch off that alert

Anytime Internet Banking

  1. Login to Anytime Internet Banking
  2. Select Alerts from left hand menu
  3. Select the Manage Alerts link
  4. Scroll down to the relevant account which you want to amend your "your currency conversion charges when spending abroad" alerts
  5. Select "Amend alerts settings"
  6. Select "Off" in the dropdown then select "Next"
  7. Review changes and select “Confirm”
  8. Alert preference has now been updated.

If you wish to stop receiving this SMS on your debit card transactions but do not use Mobile App or Anytime Internet Banking, please contact your local ROI branch, or call us on 0818 210 260 (ROI) or 00353 1804 7475 (abroad) for further assistance.

If you wish to stop receiving this SMS on your credit card transactions, this can only be done via the Mobile App and Anytime Internet Banking.

You can opt back in to receive this message at any stage by following the steps above and switching your settings back on.