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Will my Newsfeed show me if I have gone over on one or more of my budgets?

Your Newsfeed will display an insight when you are getting close to any budgets you have set. At the end of your budgeting month, you will receive a summary insight to show you if you achieved your budget, or went over.

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Why can't I see any insights in my Newsfeed?

If you have had no significant updates with your budgets, or you have had minimal spending activity, then there will not always be insights to share.

How do I remove items from my Newsfeed?

To remove an insight from your Newsfeed, simply use the 'x' in the top right-hand corner of the insight. Once you have dismissed an insight, it will not resurface on your Newsfeed until the following month (if the message is applicable again during that period).

If I recategorise a transaction, will this update my Newsfeed insights?

If you are still within your budgeting month, and you choose to recategorise any transaction that results in you no longer being over or under budget, then this will be updated into your Newsfeed next time you log in to your app. If you recategorise transactions from a previous month, it will not update any monthly summary insights that have already been generated.

If I add or remove an account from my Spending, will this update my Newsfeed insights?

If you add or remove a bank account from Spending, resulting in transactions being added or removed, meaning you are no longer over or under budget, then your insights will be updated in your Newsfeed next time you log in to your app. Any summary insights relating to your budget performance during the previous budgeting month will remain unaffected.

Can I get notifications to my phone when new insights are loaded into my Newsfeed?

We do not currently offer push notifications or text messages to notify you when new insights are available. You can check your Newsfeed at any point by clicking on the Spending tab in the mobile app, which will open your Newsfeed to show you any new insights available. We are working on adding notifications in the future.

What if I don't recognise a large expense shown in the insights?

If you do not recognise a large expense made from your account, we’re here to help. There can be a number of explanations for a transaction that you might not immediately recognise. Could it be that a company you know is trading under a different name, or that a joint account / secondary card holder has made the payment?

If you still don’t recognise it, you can find more information about the options available to you on our Report Fraud page (opens in a new window)

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