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Spending Setting Up queries

Here are the common questions for setting up Spending in the mobile app:

How do I set up Spending?

To set up Spending in your mobile app, open up your app and follow these instructions:

  1. Tap 'Spending' from inside your mobile app to open it up
  2. Have a read of the screen and then tap, 'Let's Go'.
  3. Select which accounts you'd like to include in your Spending view.
  4. Choose the date you'd like your month to start, for example your payday.
  5. Set up your categories for the transactions shown on screen.
  6. You're all set to go!

I'm receiving an error message when trying to setup or use Spending in the mobile app, what do I do?

If you're having issues using Spending in the mobile app, it might best to leave it for a while and try again later.

I'm getting a new phone, when I re-register for the app will I need to set up Spending again?

No. When you re-register the app on your new phone, Spending will be just as you left it.

Why do I need to set a date when setting up Spending in the mobile app?

When initially setting up Spending, you'll be asked to set your start date of each month. This will give you a personalised view of your money based on how you manage your finances. You may wish to use this as your payday for example.

This will default to a calendar monthly view but you are able to amend this date after setup, by using Settings in the Spending section of the app.

Why can't I set a date passed the 28th as my end date of the month?

If you get paid after the 28th, for example the last working day of the month, just choose 'month end' from the date selection box. You'll then see your finances monthly not having to worry about weekends or bank holidays.

Can I add my Joint Account to Spending in the mobile app?

You can add any joint current accounts you have into your Spending in the mobile app.

Adding a joint account in your app is personal to you and doesn’t mean that the other person on the account has to or will see anything different when they log into their own mobile app.

Will my Joint Account holder see any changes I make in Spending in the mobile app?

If you include a joint account in Spending in the mobile app your joint account holders will not see any personalisation you make as this is your view of your spending.

Spending in the mobile app is unique to you, and you can setup and amend whenever you wish.

How do I change the accounts I include in Spending in the mobile app?

To change which accounts you include in your Spending view tap on 'Settings', then 'Choose accounts' and select and de-select accounts using the buttons shown.

How do I change the date selected for my end of month?

To change the date you wish your start of month date to be tap on 'Settings', then 'Set a date'. They can then select which date you wish.