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Spending general queries

Here are the general FAQs for Spending in the mobile app:

Do I have to use Spending in the mobile app?

You do not have to use the Spending feature in the mobile app. Everything else in your mobile app will still work the same as it does now if you choose to use Spending or not.

Spending will always be there for you should you choose to use it in the future.

Who can use Spending in the mobile app?

Spending is available for any customers over the age of 16 who hold a current account with us. App available to customers with Anytime Internet Banking, compatible iOS and Android devices and a UK or international mobile number in specific countries.

Why can't I see the Spending tab in the mobile app?

First of all, please ensure you are using the most recent version of our mobile app.

You must be over 16 years old and hold a Personal or Premier current account to see the new Spending tab in your mobile app.

Spending is not available for savings products or credit cards.

How far back will I see when I start using Spending?

We'll start by including your transactions from July 2019 in your spending view to help identify where you spend your money each month.

This will then increase every month until you can see a rolling 12 month view of all of your spending.

Can I see Spending the same way in Online Banking?

Spending is currently only available in the mobile app.

Will transactions show immediately in Spending in the mobile app?

Your transactions in Spending will be exactly the same as you're used to in the mobile app with both pending and posted transactions.

You won't be able to re-categorise pending transactions until they are fully cleared in your account.

If I use the mobile app on more than one device will Spending show the same on all devices?

Yes. Spending will show the same on all the devices you use the app on. You'll need to log out and then log into your devices to show any changes made.

What accounts can I include in Spending?

Spending is currently only available for personal current accounts that you hold with us in the mobile app, but keep an eye out for more features coming soon.

You have the option to add all or just some of the personal current accounts you hold with us. This completely depends on how you currently manage you money. By including all of the accounts you use each month this will give you the fullest view of your spending over all.

Why do my selected dates not align in Spending in the mobile app?

You may notice that some of your selected dates in the month view of your spending don't quite align to your choices. Don’t worry your spending calculations will be correct for the dates you have chosen. We will be implementing a fix for this in a later version of your app.