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If you make any debit card transactions before the 19th April, you could incur a transaction fee. This is because they are debited to your account when we receive them from the retailer where you made the purchase. While occasionally this could happen on the day you made your purchase, it's likely that your transaction will not be debited until the next day or two. This is a retailer decision.


If you use your debit card to make a transaction on 18th April and it is sent in by the retailer on that day, it will be processed that business day and you will not be charged a transaction fee, as they do not apply until 19th April.

However, if the retailer sends the transaction in one day later, this is after the new transaction fees have been implemented and you will be charged a transaction fee when it is processed. Please note, the 19th and 22nd April 2019 are Easter bank holidays and are non-business days.

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