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Yes, transaction fees will start to accrue straight away. But if you open a new account in the middle of a charging cycle, the monthly maintenance fee will not apply until the next charging cycle.

I opened a current account but I have not used it, will I be charged transaction fees?

If you opened an account but do not use it, you won't be charged transaction fees but you'll still be charged the monthly maintenance fee if it is a fee paying account. However if you do not use this account, you might want to consider closing it or visiting a branch to discuss an account that may be more suitable to your needs.

I have more than one account, will I be charged transaction fees for each of them?

Yes, transaction fees will be charged for each current account, unless you meet criteria for the Aged Based Waiver or the Balance Waiver. Please take time to assess if you still need all your accounts to be kept open, in light of transaction fees being applied to each account.

Can I downgrade to an account that doesn’t incur transaction fees?

No, you can not downgrade to another current account that does not incur transaction fees. We have two current accounts which both incur transaction fees:

  • Current account
  • Standard account

If you downgrade from a packaged account, it won't be possible to upgrade or re-open this again as we are not currently offering them. This may affect the benefits received from your packaged account.

If I have a joint account and the other party is aged 66 or over – will we pay transaction fees?

No, if two customers on a joint account are aged, for example, 55 and 66, transaction fees will not apply. The age waiver is based on the oldest customer on the account.

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