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Request online

To make a Subject Access Request online, please click here:

For other ways to contact us for a SAR see below

Call Ulster Bank DAC at 

  • 1800 283062 

(Mon to Sun 08.00 – 22.00)

From abroad

  • 00353 1 804 7475

Call into any branch


  • Submit a signed written request

Subject Access Requests should always be sent directly to:

Subject Access Requests
Mailroom Manager
1 Hardman Boulevard
M3 3AQ
Depot 049

The bank has a regulatory deadline of 30 days from the request being received into the bank to provide you with this information unless it is a complex request.  Please note if you would like a copy of specific information such as a single call recording or a copy of documentation we can usually provide this more quickly without a full Subject Access Request.

The request needs to be authenticated by the party seeking the information (joint request would require both to authenticate).

If you’re requesting specific information this can be expressed within the letter/form, this will assist us in meeting the request more efficiently, and is essential if you would like call recordings or CCTV footage.

If your name has changed, then we will require relevant proof of this change, e.g. original copy of marriage certificate certified by branch.

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