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There are a number of reasons why a debit card payment to your credit card may fail.

  • The maximum amount for a single payment is €13,500. If you attempt to exceed this limit, the payment will fail.
  • The maximum number of debit card payments is 5 per day. If you are attempting a 6th payment in any one day, the payment will fail.
  • When you make a debit card payment, we ask for numbers from the statement address for the debit card. If these don't match, the payment will fail.
  • The debit card payment function only works for debit cards which are issued by an Irish bank. If your debit card was issued overseas, the payment will fail.

If none of these reasons apply to your payment, you will need to contact the bank or building society that issued your debit card. They will be able to let you know why the payment has failed.

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