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What is my Anytime Internet Banking Mailbox and what is it used for?

Your Anytime Internet Banking Mailbox enables you to securely receive and access important mail we've sent you in electronic format. You can view, download or print PDF copies of your mail at your convenience.

To print or save your mail, simply click on an item within your Mailbox to open it in PDF format, then select the option to either save or print the document.

Please note depending on the browser you are using, the PDF copy of your mail may appear in your downloaded items.

Using your Mailbox

Items of mail you receive will remain available in your Mailbox for 2 years. If you want to print or save any items you can do so before the expiry date that is shown in your Mailbox.

We will automatically send eligible mail to your online Mailbox as well a paper copy by post, however if you don't need the paper version you can choose to go paperless and only receive the online copy.

To do this simply click on ‘Paperless settings’ option in the left hand menu within Anytime Internet Banking and select which accounts you wish to switch to paperless mail. You can switch back to paper at any time.

If you switch to paperless mail, we will send you an alert to let you know when you have a new item of mail in your Anytime Internet Banking Mailbox. You can chose to receive an email alert, a text alert or both by clicking on the 'Alerts' option in the left hand menu in Anytime Internet Banking and selecting 'Manage alerts'.

Please note, your Anytime Internet Banking Mailbox is used to receive mail only, you cannot forward or reply to mail we send.

If you have questions about any mail you receive or need help, please contact us.

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