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It is the weekend, why do I have less money than I should have?

Balance lower than expected?

If your account balance is lower than you expect, it may be due to payments that are leaving your account soon.

There are two types of balance that can apply to your account that will be shown as 'Balance' and 'Available' balance. The 'Balance' shows how much money you have in your account now and the 'Available' balance tells you how much of that you can spend today.

A further explanation of the difference between your "balance" and your "available balance" can be found at What's the difference between my balance and available funds?

Why is the 'Available' lower than the 'Balance'?

If you find that you have less money available to you than you expected over the weekend or on a bank holiday, it may be because we reduce your balance at the weekend by any amounts that are due to leave your account on a Monday (or a Tuesday if Monday is a bank holiday) to pay for direct debits or standing orders (for example, utility bills, phone bills, council tax).

Should this happen?

This should not be happening as the money remains yours until the payment is due, and we are working on changes to stop this from happening in the future. In the meantime, you can get your money as explained below.

Can I still withdraw or spend the money?

Yes, you can have access to these funds over the weekend. We can arrange this for you if you call us or visit one of our Saturday opening branches. This service is available on Saturday in branch during normal opening hours and over the phone up to 5pm. The money can be provided immediately in your branch or within one hour if you arrange this with us over the phone.

Telephone banking
1 850 424365 (overseas +353 18047475)
Minicom: 1800 924 615
Open 24 hours a day.
Calls may be recorded.

Please have your Customer Number and PIN ready as this will enable your call to be answered faster and more securely. These are the same details you use to log in to Anytime Internet Banking.

Will this affect a payment due on the next working day?

It is very important that, subject to any overdraft facility you have previously agreed with us, you make sure you have paid sufficient funds back into your account to cover the regular payment by 1.30pm on the day it's due (usually Monday). This will ensure all your payments due are paid on time, and you avoid any returned payments or unnecessary charges.

To help explain here's an example

If you have €800 in your account on a Friday and a direct debit for your Mortgage of €700 is due to come out of your account on the Monday, then from Saturday your available balance will say €100. You only have €100 available to spend over the weekend unless you call us to arrange for access to the €700 also. From Saturday, the Mortgage payment will also show on your mini statement online as Monday's date.

Standing order due out on a weekend

If a standing order is due to be paid on a weekend or bank holiday it will show on your account dated the next working day.

For example, on a weekend, the standing order will show as leaving your account but will be dated the next working day. This will affect your funds available.